Hi, I'm Bryan

I am a web professional living and working in the greater Washington D.C. & Baltimore area. Since October of 2003 I have been working at NASA developing educational online outreach projects that have won several awards and had enormous international reach and support. The next step in my career is to gain as much knowledge about backend programming as I can to help build tomorrow's web applications; rounding out my repertoire of web development skills.

Contact Information
8064 Midvale Ave
Pasadena MD, 21122
E-mail : bryan.stephenson@outlook.com
Phone : 240.997.1523
My Resume
PDF : BryanS_resume.pdf
Word : BryanS_resume.doc

Duke and Nikita

I love both of my dogs, Duke and Nikita, dearly. The lovely lady on the home page is Nikita. She's a seven year old full bred German Shepherd that we bought from a breeder when she was 4 months old. She was shy at first, but has turned out to be quite mouthy. She has an amazing amount of character and is able to get out of any amount of trouble just by airplaning her ears down, and tucking her tail. She is so adorable it's sickening. We had always wanted to breed her but we haven't been successful in finding a suitable stud. She is in fantastic health, her hips are strong and I look forward to her companionship every day.

Duke, the love of Nikita's life, came to us at just over one year old. He's just now starting to show his age at eight and a half, but thankfully his hips are as strong as ever. Duke was a rescue of sorts. He had started life in the K-9 unit for a local police department, but one of the sergeants liked his demeanor so much they took him home as a pet. Once the officer had children of his own he decided to give Duke away to another officer that wanted to join the K-9 unit. Unfortunately this officer was unable to get a position as a K-9 officer and so she was stuck with a growing German Shepherd while living in an apartment in downtown D.C. Duke spent the first year of his life locked in a cage(training crate); only allowed out to eat and use the bathroom. The previous owner decided to drop him off at a shelter, where they informed her they were going to put him to sleep. Instead of leaving Duke to that fate at one year old she decided to put an add out in the paper looking for a new home. Duke is an unusually kind dog, but has a knack for getting into trouble. Unfortunately for him he's not nearly as adorable as Nikita and doesn't get away with it.

Interests and Hobbies

When I'm not working or learning you can find me out on my Sea-Doo jet boat, online playing computer games, or at home watching a DVD or Blu-ray from my collection. Although I grew up skateboarding and surfing I no longer do either. I grew out of skateboarding many years ago and there just aren't any waves on the bay. I have a fondness for the environment and nature, which I attribute to the many early mornings I spent at dawn patrol surfing in Virginia Beach and Cape Hatteras. I would like to have a nearly zero carbon home one day, and I'll likely begin those plans in the next few years with solar panels and possibly a wind turbine.

I find myself fascinated with other cultures. Right now I'm enthralled with the Chinese, and have been studying spoken Mandarin Chinese as a second language the past six months. It is a fantastically beautiful language that I hope to one day master. As with many of my other cultural fascinations I plan to visit China in the future. Among the other cultures I have fallen in love with are: England, Ireland, Iceland and India. I have only managed to visit England thus far.

Want to know more about me?

Feel free to email me any questions you would like to have answered.

Bryan in Colorado
Nikita in the snow
Nikita Laying Down
Nikita and Duke in the snow
Bryan on the Sea-Doo