Podcasting for Sun-Earth Day

The Sun-Earth Day podcast series began in 2006 by Troy Cline and me. Being that music is one of my favorite hobbies, and that I had most of the necessary equipment, this was a natural fit. All of the narration, music and editing were recorded and produced at my home studio. Most of the music you hear in the podcasts are my creations; however, I did use canned music from Sony Cinescore in the later episodes as time constraints began to play a larger role.

My Music

Most of my music is of the ambient and new-age genre, with a hint of lounge and down-tempo. I began writing music when I was thirteen years old as an off-and-on hobby. Some years I will make some time every week to express myself with music, and other years I find myself moving my music equipment out of my way so I can work. Now that audio production has become a part of my work in the form of podcasting I find that I'm expressing myself a lot more through music.

I like to create simple musical ideas and thoughts that I feel are interesting, but rarely make it out of the idea stage. The tracks I've chosen to post here are ones that progressed beyond an idea. Encepha, Disco-Very and Mystery 13 were all written between the years 1987 and 1991. They were recorded on an old cassette tape that I only recently found. Those three compositions are some of my earliest work and I'm quite proud of them.