Sun watchers through time

I developed this Flash timeline in 2004 for the Sun-Earth Day 2005 web site, Ancient Observatories Timeless Knowledge. I had always wanted to expand on this project by adding pages of information specific to each entry; but our budget didn't allow for that much content creation.

Sun Watchers Through Time

Closed captioned flash video

Producing closed captioned video for the web has been a difficult task for a long time; but with Flash CS4 it has become a bit easier. After trying several different workflows I have finally found one that I am happy with. My present workflow combines Flash's new FLV component libraries and Captionate to create Timed Text XML. An example developed in 2009 can be found on the Sun-Earth Day web site.

Sun-Earth Day 508c Compliant Video

Screencast: accessible PDFs

I had an incredibly hard time finding good information online about creating accessible pdfs. I read through all of Adobe's cryptic instructions and did a lot of experimentation, which lead to a very good understanding of the subject. After trying to communicate what I had learned to several colleagues I decided to create this screencast in 2008 explaining the basics.

Screencast: Accessible PDFs

Flash work for Fleishman-Hillard

I was employed with Fleishman-Hillard from 2000-2003 as a senior designer; designing web sites and Flash animations/applications. During my tenure there I had the opportunity to work with several high-profile clients on many exciting projects.

In the early 2000's small file size was a must when it came to interactivity. We didn't have the luxury of streaming mp3's and FLV's from an external source to help with bandwidth; the technology just wasn't there yet.

The "Let's Carve a Pumpkin" and "Emerson" applications were developed in 2000 with Flash 4. "Think Again" and "Safe Kids" were both developed in 2002 with Flash 5. These are just a few of my favorite Flash projects I produced while there and all of these projects were rewarding in their own way.

Let's Carve A Pumpkin!
Emerson Flash Application
Children of Substance Abusers
Safe Kids Foundation

It all adds up to cleaner air

In 2001 The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation teamed up to create a clean air initiative called "It All Adds Up To Cleaner Air". My employer, Fleishman-Hillard, was contracted to produce a supporting web site which included four Flash animations; one for each season. The goal of these animations was to raise public awareness on how each of us can contribute to a healthier environment by following a few simple steps. All four original flash animations can be found on their web site.

It All Adds up To Cleaner Air, Spring
It All Adds up To Cleaner Air, Summer
It All Adds up To Cleaner Air, Fall
It All Adds up To Cleaner Air, Winter